Embody the wild feminine force within you!

Sister! If you want to strengthen the presence of the wild woman* in you and connect to the element of fire in a circle that feels held, safe and sacred - this is the right playground for you.


Free yourself of the chains that bind you and dive deeper into your life force energy. Whatever you want to free yourself from, whatever you want to create, whatever you want to express - your Sacred Rage is your ally, if channeled in a conscious way.


In a circle supported by sisters you will find a safe container to express this power within you. This is about anger release AND SO MUCH MORE. With selected meditations, body and breath exercises, dance as well as Emotional Release Practices, I - and the whole circle of sisters that comes together - will hold you and you gain activation and re-connection to the ALIVENESS and creative life force energy that runs through your body and that can fuel all of your creations.


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Location: tba.

Length: about 3 hours

Investment: 55,00 €


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Foto-Credits: taken by Pleun Perspective at the wild feminine retreat 2018 by Women of Ancient Futures & Kristal Music