Connecting to the entity, that wants to be birthed by you

Who are you as a group?

Systemic Constellation Work for Groups & Communities & Businesses


Systemic constellation work (combined with astrological principles) is a deeply transformative experience. If you are a group / community that comes together with a big vision, that wants to be birthed through you, then an energetic entity has chosen you. This entity is its own being. I support you in listening to that being, its energetic instructions and what you can do to support this vision to come to live in matter. Through this session, you are also gaining clarity over the astrological aspects / transits, that you need to be aware of as a group and how you can transform certain patterns or blockages into a new, self-loving and empowered way of being, that is aligned with your shared purpose. Let yourself be activated, reminded and encouraged!


Investment: € 330,00 including an audio- or video-recording of our session

Location: Zoom / in person

I can also visit your group in person, depending on your location (currently I am in based in South Portugal). The investment would shift accordingly to how much time and energy is required. Please get in touch, if you have any questions. 


All readings and coaching sessions can be held in both - German and English