WORK WITH ME let's join forces 


I work with awake, committed, spiritual people to leverage the cosmic, cyclical patterns of your life so that you can:

  • Lift your voice, express your gifts and answer the call to create incredible work in the world
  • Manage your energy, nurture and sustain yourself, recover from burnout and prevent it in the future
  • Gain visibility and receive rewards without sacrificing your true self, your family or relationships
  • See the big-picture patterns, predict their impact and navigate and leverage them as a source of personal power
  • Build the personal skills and capacities to create change and make an impact

In other words: I’m a here to help you realize and actualize the highest, fullest, most truthful version of yourself and use tools such as systemic constellation work, em-bodying practices, self love rituals, emotional release techniques, transparent communication and - of course - astrology to guide you there. Why? Cause it's time to truly own our magnificence and to show up fully. 






Re-member yourself with New Earth Astrology 


A sixty minute 1:1 astrological/mentoring deep dive into your life and natal chart. My purpose in offering astrological readings is to help you become a better leader in your life, career and community. The way I use astrology is to help you better comprehend your strengths so you can know yourself more intimately. It’s also about understanding the current opportunities and obstacles of your life, so you can make wise decisions that fuel your energy and align with your heart's truth. While future transits may be part of a reading, they are not the focus. Ultimately you’re in charge of what happens in your life, you're the sovereign leader.


This work is activating, transformational and highly energetic. Some would even call it shamanic. We look at what was happening in the sky the moment you took your first breath and in doing so, we’ll understand the blueprint of who you are. What your strengths, learnings and shadows are and how to consciously create from a place of inner acceptance and abundance. We’ll also get an aerial, big-picture view of where you are right now in the unfolding of your life - the current cycle and season, as well as what’s just around the corner for you….so you can navigate it with grace, leverage it with power, and rise.

3 Month Activation Mentorship


You are ready to blow past your blocks and reach a turning point in your life, but want to do it while feeling congruent with who you really are. You want to feel strong, aligned, and fiercely determined.


You want to honor your body, your voice and your truest essence as you redefine what is possible in your life and the world. As you step into the boldest expression of your courage you need support and guidance from a trained and experienced Mentor. 


I am here to support you fully on your path of re-membrance, activation, de-conditioning and embodiment of truth. 

The New Earth is all about service & community


When I first read the book "EARTH IS HIRING" by the amazing Peta Kelly, something deeply started to shift within me. I re-membered, that the only boss I will ever have is actually Mother Earth. Stepping into service to our Earth requires deep listening and nurturing yourself, so you can keep your vibration high to match hers. Then and only then, you'll receive the answers to the question: What wants to be birthed through me? What wants to be birthed through us? 


It is my service to create spaces of remembrance and deep listening to the entities that want to be birthed and manifested here on earth. This especially supports groups, communities, businesses and anyone, who has received a BIG VISION, that sometimes can't be grasped fully.  I support you in listening to that Vision, that is - in fact - its own, energetic being. Receive her instructions and what you can do to support this vision to come alive in matter. Together we are also gaining clarity over the archetypal patterns and astrological aspects / transits, that you need to be aware of as a group / visionary and how you can transform certain patterns or blockages into a new, self-loving and empowered way of being, that is aligned with your shared purpose. 


Sacred Rage: Master your fire & creative life force energy 


If you want to strengthen the presence of life force within you and connect to the element of fire in a circle that feels held, safe and sacred - this is the right playground for you.


Free yourself of the chains that bind you and dive deeper into your life force energy. Whatever you want to free yourself from, whatever you want to create, whatever you want to express - Sacred Rage can be your ally, if channeled in a conscious way.


In a ceremonial circle you will find a safe container to express and connect to power within you. This is about anger release AND SO MUCH MORE. With selected meditations, body and breath exercises, dance as well as Emotional Release Practices, I - and the whole circle of sisters that comes together - will hold you and you gain activation and re-connection to the ALIVENESS and creative life force energy that runs through your body and that can fuel all of your creations.



All sessions can be held in German or English