Katharina Löwenherz about me

Hi, I’m Katharina.⁠ I’m a New Earth astrologer, medium, mentor, work-/playshop facilitator, musician and writer. I'm committed to the path of remembrance. A deep remembering of who you are, in order for you to awaken what slumbers in the depths of your being to finally be expressed.


I have been on that path for many years now and what I am sharing with you is what has been most valuable and supportive - both for my personal healing path and also for my clients. 


Through that, I can support you to:

  • Be brave, speak up, becoming aware of and fully develop and express your innate gifts and use them to create change (yep, this means you’re on a path to self-mastery and conscious leadership
  • Map your physical and emotional patterns, manage your energy and tune into the cycles of your body  - use that knowledge as a power source for decision-making and self-care⁠⠀
  • Understand the big-picture patterns - the cosmos, the cycles of nature/moon - that influence you and get in sync and leverage them, rather than fighting them (and yourself)⁠
  • Discover the wisdom of your body as a key to step into emotional maturity
  • Recognize and interrupt the unnecessary and oppressive social patterns in your individual life and culturally
  • Grow your ability to care for, hold space and love yourself & others - in your relationships and in the world

Aside from my calling as an astrologer and supporter of people through metamorphosis for many years, I have been also active as a public relations and content writer; supporting entrepreneurs and visionaries on their path to authentic visibility. Right now I am focussing on the implementation of self love rituals and emotional release techniques into my daily routine and those of my clients, as we are in midst of a big collective shift, where emotional maturity is needed more than ever.


A little astrological sneak peak about myself


I was born on August 1st 1988 in Vienna under the sign of Leo, with the Sun and Mercury rising (on my Ascendant in Leo). So life has gifted me with lots of fire and Leo-power. The mission of the Lion is to encourage, motivate and lead others into their own Sovereignity. My Moon in Pisces allows me to feel it all as Oneness. I feel and perceive the world and human beings very intuitively - empathy, sensitivity and compassion. Being aware of how my being wants to express itself in such variety and richness has brought me closer to myself and my path. I want to share this richness with you and support you in embracing yourself fully. 

"What a gift to be awake, as we enter the Golden Age"

- Fia Forsström