New Moon in Cancer: Time for Emotional Maturity!

This New Moon on June 21st, a (non visible) Solar Eclipse, also coincides with the Summer Solstice this upcoming weekend. Falling at zero degrees of emotional Cancer, this New Moon is extremely potent and supercharged. On a collective level, this portal is likely to accelerate change. Personally, we may want to let our intentions “cook” a while longer. While Mercury is retrograde in Cancer, this lunar cycle is best spent reflecting on where we’ve come from and where we’re headed next. Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster, giving us lots of space to release old emotions from our system. 


New Moon in Cancer

In addition to the upcoming New Moon in Cancer, the Sun is as also moving from Gemini into the sign of Cancer, marking the beginning of a new cycle. Things are now going to slow down a bit, we are moving from air to water - bringing in more feminine energy and the need to follow the flow and cycles as the come. Talking about cycles - Cancer is ruled by the moon, so Luna is “at home” for this phase. Every day the moon rises at a different time, with a different shape and color. The crab is like this too, shifting constantly according to her mood. She absorbs everything, including other people’s feelings and vibrations. Cancer is nostalgic, forever yearning for the sweetness of childhood and connection to the womb. During Cancer season, we are invited to take a walk down memory lane and revisit your roots. Memories of the past are rising to the surface, especially for all things emotional. It's important that we give whatever wants to be released, the space it needs.


Cancers often cling to things, their home and people they care for. They seek out security and familiarity in all they do. They look for peace and quiet. Their attachment to all that is safe means they are a little leery of change. So we now might have to become aware of wherever we feel attached to something familiar in our lives, especially if it does not serve the changes to come.


What the Lesson? Emotional Maturity!

With this big portal opening up this weekend, we are diving deeper into the lunar quality of Cancer - which also describes the emotional bond between a mother and her child. In the zodiac, Cancers polarity is Capricorn  -  an earthy, structured, cool and authoritarian archetype, ruled by Saturn. To understand the Cancer-Capricorn axis and its lessons better, let's dive further into these two archetypes.


The Cancer/Capricorn axis

 "This axis is ruled by the Moon (Cancer) and Saturn (Capricorn). As the axis of structure, the tension across this axis concerns the relationship between the parent and the child, the container and the contained, dependency and self sufficiency.  According to personality theory, this axis relates to the very early developmental period of attachment and bonding. If the caretakers are sufficiently attuned to the child’s needs and if the environment is experienced as basically safe and predictable, then the child can move through this developmental phase without difficulty. A well balanced Cancer/Capricorn axis is caring (Cancer) AND responsible (Capricorn), nurturing (Cancer) AND providing (Capricorn), building strong structures (Capricorn) AND nourishing all living things that live within those structures (Cancer). In an individual chart, the signs and houses in which the Moon and Saturn are placed, and any aspect between them will provide further information about the quality of this relationship" (source:

New Moon on June 21st in Cancer

So - in Cancer, we connect to our inner child and the energy of the mother goddess. It is the principle of nourishment. We are now being tested for our emotional maturity, which is needed for this New Earth to come.  Many of us have wounded inner children. Perhaps, our loved ones did not give us the attention, care or presence, when we needed it the most. This experience can create deep wounds, all stored up in our pain bodies and in the collective pain body of Mother Earth. Emotional Release techniques come in handy these days, as this time phase can bring up a LOT. This is our chance, to ACTIVATE OUR INNER PARENT by BEING THERE and providing STABILITY (both Capricorn qualities) when going through these vulnerable states.


Let me share with you a personal story
I remember one very special moment, while I was going through some rough times with my partner. We were both closed off from each other, with very active pain bodies. We had to take care of ourselves. However, him taking care of himself, felt like I was being abandoned by him. A story that I was telling myself, which - of course - is a much older story and had nothing to do with him. So here I was, resisting and rebelling against being alone. Until I started sobbing. I was too exhausted to resist any further. I surrendered to the grief - all of it. When suddenly, I was able to hold and love myself through the whole process (this would not have been possible, if my loved one would have attended to my needs in that moment). I HAD TO FEEL IT ALL. And through that, I felt a strong bond between my vulnerable inner child and a nurturing aspect within me, one that was somehow connected to the ultimate Mother. I broke the cycle. I felt loved and cared for, while going through the emotions. I matured and felt deeply connected to myself.


These are the sorts of processes, that can be intensified during a Cancer New Moon / Season. We are cleansing. For further guidance, please check out the EMOTIONAL MATURITY MASTERCLASS by Dara and Simon - I can highly recommend this course. For a deeper dive, please check out my 1:1 offerings, I am also announcing new dates for Anger Release Nights in Vienna soon. 

Giving birth to a New Earth!

And a birth process is also a dying process. We say goodbye to our old identity and gradually integrate the new one. A woman who is giving birth for the first time, also gives birth to herself anew - as she transforms into a mother. This process happens within all of us - no matter whether man or woman - you do not need to be physically pregnant ;) We are now being called to emotionally mature and and to take response-ability and care of your inner child, whose unfulfilled needs and emotions often unconsciously guide us. Through that, we are regaining strength and energy, that previously went all into the resistance against letting go of the past. Resistance is known to bundle more energy than what it is actually directed against. With this regained energy and maturity, we can better serve life and our mother earth. Because such a birth needs strength, focus and endurance! 


That being said, I wish you a powerful, cleansing and nourishing Cancer New Moon, Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse, Brothers and Sisters. Sending you much love, Katharina