Mercury Retrograde: June 18th - July 12th

It's that time of the year again - Mercury is turning retrograde on June 18th. We all know the drill, but it’s frustrating nonetheless. While we may be ready to implement our grand visions and plans,  we must now confront the limitations of a retrograde Mercury. Traditionally, you should avoid making important decisions, signing contracts or realizing major purchase projects during this time, because we often don't have all the information we need. Our communication and interaction with the outside world might not run as smoothly during these three weeks. Mercury retrograde brings up misunderstandings, gossip gone crazy, technology malfunctions, writer’s block, traveling problems (suitcases getting lost, etc.) - but only as long as we resist the gold dust, this lesson has to offer. Mercury retrograde always calls us to move more inwards, to reflect instead of act. To communicate with ourselves and see what information our bodies and souls offer us, in order to grow.


Mercury in Cancer - what's the lesson?


Mercury in Cancer is all about emotions, empathy and intuition. In this water sign, ruled by the Moon, Mercury acts rather irrational. Our thoughts might be more influenced by our feelings than they usually are. Mercury in Cancer is lunar AND insular by nature as it is, and with the slowdown and then retrograde, it is even more so. This is an excellent period for getting in touch with what nurtures us (Cancer represents the nurturing, female quality of the mother goddess) and feeds our spirits. Emotional communication is not always valued as much as rational approaches in our society, and now is the time to explore our more intimate, sympathetic and emotional nature and how it affects our decision-making processes.


Further retrogrades this year


Mercury is not the only planet going retrograde right now. Venus is still in her retrograde, Neptune retrograde is also coming up this June (I will go into that in another article). In one of my previous articles - "retrograde season 2020 overview" - I am referring to the retrogrades this year - check it out to get a deeper insight. 


Retrogrades pull us backward, not down or out


Yes - it’s a slowdown, not a full halt. That’s key for you to know, because though it feels like we’re wading through quicksand, the real task of any planetary retrograde is to take the sector of life it represents and examine it closely. If something isn’t working, or if you haven’t been paying it enough attention, this is your moment to investigate and reflect on what you find. It’s your DUE DILLIGENCE on yourself, and even if it brings up some painful revelations, it tends to clear the path ahead. And that we could all use 


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