You don't arrive to a NEW EARTH, it arrives through you!

Boom! I recently read this statement and got tingles all over my body.


Over the last few years, I have been - as many of you - on quite a journey. Some would call it personal development. I would simply say, that I was becoming more and more aware of my own heroines journey (especially through the lense of astrology) and the lessons I have to facing and integrate . However, there was an essential and crucial part, that I was missing - until a few years back. 


I have been exploring many approaches to heal and evolve. Coaching, workshops, seminars, trauma therapy, womens healing work - you name it. But NOT ONCE did I come across an approach that includes the body - which is where suppressed trauma and emotions actually sit. Until I met Dara and Simon, both amazing facilitators of Radical Intimacy Workshops (just one of their great, authentic offerings) and who have become dear friends to me over the last two years. Meeting them in 2018 has changed the course of my life...and gave me tools to access my own power through activating my inner life force energy. 

But why is that so important?


“Awakening, the first flashes of bliss, is just the beginning. We bring Heaven to Earth by integrating enlightenment into our work, relationships, and life. We become stable, yet flexible.” - Lola Jones


Image: Erick Tejas
Image: Erick Tejas

Ascension & Descension

By awakening alongside these two epic beings and a powerful, supportive community, I soon came to the realization (and please, this is just my truth - so please take what you resonate with and leave the rest), that until then, I was going mainly for "Spiritual Ascension". Which is (according to Taoism) the masculine approach for Awakening. I wanted to ascend into higher states of consciousness, without actually arriving in my body and facing what was there. I was unconsciously trying to escape. Starting to explore exercises, that include BREATH, MOVEMENT and SOUND- the three foundations of Body Work - I began to slowly descend into my body, learned to express my e-motions. This is the feminine approach. Through combining body work with my ascension practice (for example through meditation), I started to activate the life force energy within me. Together,  both approaches form an energetic, life-force-activating cycle, which connects us with spirit AND earth, through our bodies. You might be familiar with that through practicing tantric sexuality.


"It’s not just about Ascension as the hippy New Age Ultra-Spiritual movement would have you believe. The real value is in Descension — our Higher Self integrating into our very bodies inspiring us to take the ACTION we need to bring about the more beautiful world our Hearts know is possible" - Source:


You don't arrive to a NEW EARTH, it arrives through you!

Exactly! And this is why EMBODIMENT is crucial. Our bodies are earth. In order for the collective to evolve into a species, which is serving, honoring and appreciating earth and her resources, we need to start with our bodies and our resources!


This is also the lesson of Uranus in Taurus. A 8-year cycle, which started in 2018... which is about complete renewal and change in how we treat our earth mother and resources in general (that being our own god given talents, our relationships to money, food, our bodies, sexuality and what security really means to us).


Yes! A shift is taking place and we are going from one point-of-no-return to another. We need to reevaluate what we truly value in life. This year has shown me so much what that actually means. Spiritual practices integrating the body is key for us to truly grow, heal and fall in love with ourselves. Be it shaking meditation, breathing techniques, emotional release, orgasmic yoga, dancing, singing, tantric practices, exploring touch... all of that is needed for us to consciously embrace this gift called being a human, experiencing the miracle of life on earth. And the more we integrate our bodies, our yonis and lingams, dive deep into self love practices, the more we embody life force energy and what we actually stand for.


Are you with me?


Love, Katharina


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