Why speaking your TRUTH is scary, yet liberating!



Everytime. I still feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins, this existential fear and yet aliveness within me, EVERY TIME, right before I share my truth and show up transparently. No wonder resistance is building up... sometimes I would do ANYTHING so I don’t have to talk about my feelings, share my truth and sit in the discomfort that it can create within me and others. 


I can feel my ancestors being burned for expressing and being themselves freely and I can feel the fear they must have had to be caught and face these horrible consequences. It’s in my dna. EVERY fucking TIME I feel this fire within, when having an honest sharing with my partner or someone dear to my heart. FEAR OF DEATH. But u know what? I see it as my fucking responsibility to GO THERE. Not just for myself. But because I can. I can express myself freely, whereas my ancestors and many other sisters and brothers on this planet RIGHT NOW, could and can not without any threat. 


Yes. I can sit in the fire without actually being burned. But something inside of me is. Something dies - and right so!!! The transformative fire of truth and transparency burns away all that is not authentic. All the lies. The stories. The identities. The fear. And truth be told... once I am in it... I love to burn. It actually feels quite ecstatic and liberating.


And afterwards, no matter how heavy and frightening the words I have said and heard were, I feel peace. I feel expanded. I feel gratitude.


Dear, I DARE you to GO THERE and get yourself burned. Till there is nothing left but your essence. And the essence is love.


It’s a process. And opening up to this takes time, I still tip toe around my truth before I feel ready. But today, after a sharing that has changed the course of my relationship and life in general, I can feel again how this immense weight has lifted of my shoulders and I feel free. My heart is open. I feel reconnected. And for this I will burn over and over again. Even though I have no idea what will happen next.


If you need support in showing up and standing strong, I have build an empowering emotional release program. Please contact me to find out more <3 


Love, Katharina