NEW MOON IN GEMINI // May 22nd 2020




Lovelies, today's the New Moon in Gemini and let me tell you... it was a challenge to break this quality down for you. Gemini is very airy, jumpy, inspiring, social and restless - I received so much information (also having my Venus in Gemini) that I did not know where to start... but I made it - so here it goes!




Today, Sun and Moon meet in the 3rd degree of Gemini for the New Moon. We have moved from dense earth (taurus) to air (gemini) - things will lighten up a bit, however - different learnings and lessons are awaiting us now of course, also dealing with this intense retrograde period we are at the moment (you can find out more about that here:


As not only the Moon, but also the Sun have entered Gemini, this principle will be overall present over the next month. Gemini is curious, communicative, fast-living, good in negotiating, always up to date, eloquent, jumpy, open-minded and loves language & the power of the word. To understand this principle a little better, let's dive into mythology a bit!



    Mercury (ruler over Gemini and Virgo) - or Hermes (greek mythology) - embodies the principle of communication and exchange of all sorts. In mythology, he was the only one being able to travel unscathed between the underworld, the earth and the heavens. As messenger of the gods he made sure that communication flows smoothly between the worlds* Like a post man (some delivery companies still carry his name ! ) he made communication possible, yet he did not interfere or fixate on the message itself. This is why it is said that Mercury/Gemini can keep an open mind, being able to change perspective very quickly - cause everything is relative anyway, right?

    *In retrograde periods you can imagine this process as "receiving mail - important information - that got lost along the way and finds us a little later"


    People who embody this archetypal quality (mirrored by a lot of Gemini, 3rd House or dominant Mercury aspects in their birth chart) are mostly very eloquent and inspired. They love THE POWER OF THE WORD. They love to seek knowledge, communication and providing information. So they often work as Journalists, PR- & Marketing Managers, in Advertising, Authors, Speakers or even Teachers, providing people with important information, knowledge and stories.

    In mythology, Mercury was also responsible for trade and commerce. Whoever is responsible for communication, language and expression…knows how to use it for his own purposes - right? So thanks to his eloquence in negotiating and - talking about his SHADOW SIDE - lying and tricking - he can be very talented in PERSUATION and MANIPULATION.

    New Moon in Gemini reminds us of the (emotional) messages we consciously or unconsciously send to get something in exchange (do they have manipulative character?) and/or how we might be manipulated by the stories and information we receive from others. So however we use the power of the word - it's all about the intention behind it. TRANSPARENCY is getting more and more important in this world that we live in. This is an important process for the collective right now, so let's be aware of that the next month!


    New moons always stand for new beginnings. So how do we want to start fresh and on which stories shall this NEW EARTH we want to build be based on? How do we want to communicate and how objective can we be? Also we might be become more aware of our social media take in and how that influences our life. Does the information we receive support us or tire us out? 

    When wearing the costume of Gemini, Luna EMBODIES THE MESSENGER OF THE GODS. She calls us in to LISTEN, observe and talk without IDENTIFICATION. By consciously tuning in to positive Gemini energy, we learn that there isn’t always an answer and we become comfortable with that idea. As we learn to let ourselves TRULY LISTEN TO OTHERS, we learn through others simply BY BEING CURIOUS, and we improve our social and communication skills at the same time. We open our minds to more information, and we learn to truly enjoy the VARIETY OF DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES AND TRUTHS around us. We become more aware of the superficiality of our communications. Although Gemini is sometimes associated with superficial connections and communications, dig a little deeper and you will see that there is much to learn from this airy archetype.


    This New Moon indicates the need to connect to our holistic, intuitive knowledge, that lies within. 

    A square from Mars in Pisces brings obstacles, that we have to overcome, to our attention. Pisces is all about illusion, which can bring up intense confusion. We might want to question the information and stories we receive right now. What is actually happening behind the curtain (pisces = the hidden)? Time to trust our own inner knowledge and to listen to the messages coming from within. For that, Pisces teaches us permeability and fluidity. 

    Mercury (ruler of this new moon) and Venus Retrograde are forming a square to Neptune - this shows that this new moon has a deep spiritual quality. We are called to rise above the confusion and see the bigger picture.

    The trine from Saturn in Aquarius supports us in this. These days we can develop an understanding of what cannot be known, but can only be experienced. 

    his is when Gemini's polarity - SAGITTARIUS - comes in, teaching us that wisdom is based on self-experience and that we can only find our truth within. Gemini wants to know it all. Giving that up and surrendering into not-knowing is hard for this archetype. However, his curiosity is what keeps him going, what needs to be learned is that it's all about the exploration itself, not about the goal.



Wush...once again - I know it's a lot. May these insights serve you well! Sending you new moon blessings and a great start into GEMINI-SEASON!!! Love this time of the year, it's so social and bubbly.




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Much love, Katharina