RETROGRADE SEASON 2020 - an overview!

We are in midst of Retrograde Season - a powerful time to REFLECT AND COLLECT insights. During retrogrades - depending on the archetype - we are being slowed down. You might be familiar with mercury retrograde - which is also coming up soon. No matter which planet, the call is the same: REFLECT instead of ACT. This is not the time for big decisions. We are called to take our time until we arrive in a place of authentic clarity. 


We - individually and collectively - are now being shown blind spots and information we might have missed, yet which needs to be integrated, so we - as a collective - can evolve and move into this new paradigm with full force, awareness and clarity. 


So no matter how quickly we would want to move forward - Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Venus are all retrograde right now, forcing us to look back on our tracks and our choices, reassessing our moves and creating doubt and worry over the choices that we made the last few months, both as nations and as individuals. Was it the right choice or could things have been done differently? Time to go in, check in with ourselves and dive deep.


Here's a little overview of the upcoming retrogrades: 

  • April 25th - October 4th: Pluto Retrograde
  • May 11th - September 29th: Saturn Retrograde
  • May 13th - June 25th: Venus Retrograde
  • May 14th - September 12th: Jupiter Retrograde
  • June 18th - July 12th: Mercury Retrograde
  • June 23th - November 28th: Neptune Retrograde
  • August 15th - January 1st 2021: Uranus Retrograde
  • September 9th - November 13th: Mars Retrograde
  • October 13th - November 3th: Mercury Retrograde


  • PLUTO RETROGRADE in Capricorn
    April 25th - October 4th

    Now and over the coming months, we may be reassessing HOW WE USE OUR POWER, especially in combination with authority, responsibility, laws, rules and regulations, status… Pluto is the principle of „death-and-become" and the necessity of letting-go (of control). If we resist the flow of life, things become stagnant and therefore toxic. We might have to take a closer look in which ways we still hold on to „the old ways“ and still resist this new paradigm, that is birthing us (sovereign beings) and at the same time IS being birthed /embodied THROUGH / BY US.

    Pluto intensifies and amplifies whatever it impacts by transit with a volcanic force that demands release.We can experience upheaval when resisting the cathartic changes of Pluto, but after we surrender to its process of breakdown and purification, we can eventually evolve into a more potent vitality.

    The period of Pluto retrograde can pull us within to face whatever unconscious material has been simmering.

  • SATURN RETROGRADE in Aquarius/Capricorn
    May 11th - September 29th

    During this time period we'll have a lot of time to dig through our archives when it comes to our sense of duty, relationship to authority, and the way we relate to our work and careers. Saturn is all about being responsible, gaining clarity, working within restrictions and teaching lessons.

    Being the ruling planet of time and karma, when Saturn retrogrades, karmic debts are sorted out by blending the past with the present and the future. Saturn's retrograde periods are excellent for reviewing what we have learned within Saturn-ruled themes like boundaries, discipline, responsibilities, and authority.

    May 13th - June 25th

    As the planet of love, beauty and values, Venus retrograde periods are times when we reassess WHAT - AND WHO - WE VALUE. Major financial undertakings are not advised during this period. Venus retrograde cycles are good times for creating budgets and financial plans, and for re-thinking our personal relationships. Taking final action in the areas of finance and love, however, is not advised till Venus turns direct again.

    With Venus retrograde in Gemini, our NEEDS FOR COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTION may be high, but can be frustrated. We may question the level of openneness, contact and involvement we have in our relationships. If we’re not communicating in our relation- and partnerships in satisfying ways, it can be glaring now. In any case, if something - that needs to be expressed through communication - has been building up within us for a while, it might be time for some transparency.

  • JUPITER RETROGRADE in Capricorn (close to Pluto)
    May 14th - September 12th

    Jupiter is the principle of expansion, growth, truth, beliefs, he's kind of an inner compass. Depending on his position in your chart, he reflects the areas in your life where you can grow the most... liberate and expand yourself (especially in the mind) and embrace your truth and inner wisdom. And I mean that kind of wisdom, that you don’t get from a book, but from transformative experiences that happen, when you courageously face our fear.

    This time period has a huge impact on our learning curve, individually and collectively. As Jupiter turns retrograde, it is time to slow down our projects or plans in order for us to gain perspective. Now is a good time to reassess recent goals and question the beliefs that we have. What feels true for us? Are we following our compass? Where are we holding ourselves back and play safe? What is it that we want to learn? Maybe it's time for some new directions.



I know, it's a lot. And it has been quite overwhelming channeling all of this, writing it down and feeling its intensity. However, I can also feel the potential and necessity of this time period and I LOVE IT and am personally very grateful for that. 

I wish you all an insightful time of reflexion. May this time serve us well.


If you resonate with my work and want to dive deeper into your current processes, contact me for a reading. 


Much love,