Every year on April 30th the fertility festival - or in celtic culture called "Beltane" festival - is celebrated. No wonder that this falls into Taurus season. I have shared with you the qualities of earth-sign Taurus in my previous articles. Now is the time of the year, where we celebrate and honor the soil, the fertility of the earth and our own bodies, in order to "plant" our intentions and nurture those babies with everything they need, to grow and thrive.


It is a time when you can celebrate your visions, your body and soul and immerse yourself in a new life. Just as flowers bloom in nature, you are invited to honor yourself for all the ways in which you and your life are already expanding and unfolding.

Gratitude and self-love rituals for nourishing the body and mind are particularly powerful right now - these strengthen your self-worth and connect you with your resources, earth and the fullness of life.


On Beltane we are also celebrating our sensuality and sexuality. Taurus is all about earthly delights. At the same time, the upcoming full moon in Scorpio on May 7th will shine its light on our emotional and psychological depths and shadows, which - along the Taurus-Scorpio-Axis - can show us our issues around self-esteem, self-value (what we value in general), resources and money - but also with our bodies, our sexuality and how we relate in partnerships. So our shadows can now be lifted out of the darkness into the light, so that we can get revelations and powerful insights and renew ourselves. So let's celebrate this abundant, beautiful and blooming time of the year, but let's not forget to invite death, as part of life, to our celebration 🖤


Lovelies, I wish you a beautiful celebration tonight or the upcoming weekend. I for sure am going to celebrate with my witchy sisters, dancing around the fire  ...even if its via screen!


Sending you all so much love and stay tuned for further astrological insights, lots of downloads coming in at the moment!

Love, Katharina