NEW MOON in Taurus - April 22/23

MOTHER MOON sending us a message ☾



Sun and moon in earth-sign Taurus, ruled by Venus, CRAVE security, satisfaction, attachment, comfort, generosity, sensuality and belonging. In Taurus we want to settle in. We might want to retreat now, especially from the push of Aries’ impulsiveness (Sun has just moved from fiery Aries into Taurus) in order to consolidate energy toward a more YIN, inwardly focus. YIN is flow, it is cyclic. YIN is slow. Women physically embody this energy, we receive, we bloom, we release and let go - every month. So no wonder, that the polarity of this female archetype lies in the deep waters of SCORPIO.



    While Taurus (spring) now celebrates the fertility of earth and - life in general - to the fullest, Scorpio (autumn ) reminds us of death & letting go as part of life. So this moon might be confronting us with our shadows around letting go. And what happens if we resist to let go (of control)? STAGNATION and therefore energy FLOW blockages in our system (e.g. physical challenges, sexual energy, money flow, being afraid of letting go / death etc).

    Energy becomes toxic, the longer it stagnates!  Ask yourself: Are there things / people / beliefs / identities etc. that you are holding on to so tightly, that their loss creates more fear within you, than a life lived in toxic stagnation? The time is NOW. We can now BREAK OUT of this cycle OR wait for more drama and trauma WORLD-WIDE to be created, pushing us into a point of no return.

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    Now this guy will make it hard for the new moon in Taurus, longing for slowness and grounding. For restless and revolutionary Uranus (only 3 degrees away from this new moon) is bringing in the element of the UNEXPECTED. This archetype wants to ensure that we are breaking out of old structures (within and without), that simply do not serve us anymore. FOR GOOD 💥 Past transits of Uranus in Taurus have correlated to periods of mass migration, food shortages or financial crisis - with the Uranian influence providing the URGENCY FOR an immediate COLLECTIVE SHIFT. The underlying sense of survival anxiety and uncertainty of the material world is an opportunity to EVOLVE in our relationship to what is necessary to SURVIVE AND THRIVE.

    Check out my article on this 7-year period of URANUS IN TAURUS (in German) here:

  • NEW MOON squaring SATURN

    The New Moon squares Saturn in Aquarius. We need change and this need can also create a hell of a lot of pressure. So actually implementing global changes can be a challenge, requiring new levels of perseverance. However, Aquarius is the realm of abstract ideas and Saturn charges us with making the future real in the NOW 💥 So let's be aware of what we reality we want to create here, these times remind us of the manifesting POWER OF THE MIND, let's use it consciously and wisely....


    Venus rules this New Moon, so as this lunation cycle unfolds over the next 4 weeks, we’ll look to Venus in Gemini to guide the unfolding cosmic story. Venus loves pleasure, attraction, beauty and relating, and in Gemini, this is often through social connections and pursuits of knowledge and learning. Venus in Gemini also has a strong need to communicate, which is now KEY. Venus will be retrograde May 13 - June 25 which deepens her significance in our experience of connection, earthly pleasure & love in UNCERTAIN TIMES.



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NEW MOON BLESSINGS and much love,