SUN IN TAURUS - April 19th - May 19th



We are now moving out of the fiery, dynamic energy of Aries into earth-sign Taurus. In the zodiac, taurus is about securing and grounding the areas "conquered" by the driving force of Aries. What makes you feel safe? What do you value? How are you dealing with your resources? What are your beliefs around money? How are you treating your body (as your most valuable resource)? 


Taurus time is also the time of sensuality, fertility and celebratin nature. Beltane, the celtic counterpart to our Walpurgis Festival, is going to be celebrated on April 30th. Spring vibes are in the air! The next month will put special emphasis on those aspects. We now need to find a balance between asceticism and excessive consumption, as well as between generosity and security.


    ... is about the celebration of all matter (matter = mother = mother earth). This includes everything we can touch and perceive with our senses. So now with the Sun in Taurus, we might wanna enjoy and celebrate all earthly delights - most of all - the GROUND! (fertility rites of cultures, that are thousands of years old, confirm this). We celebrate the soil of our mother earth. And since we are connected to earth, we - on every level - are as fertile as she is. So ASK YOURSELF: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO PLANT into your soil and HOW CAN YOU NOURISH these babies (e.g. visions and projects!), so that they can GROW AND THRIVE? As you can see, bit by bit, our projects for this year should get more CONCRETE now. 

    As Taurus also stands for all our value systems, we will increasingly reflect on our consuming behavior, our possessions, and how we value ourselves and our resources. Since Taurus is so connected to matter, it also reminds us of our roots. Taurus is the earth under our feet and shows us our true resources - such as our talents - and basically everything, that lies within our being and that can't be taken away from us. This quality also illuminates our need for (or our ideas of) security. In the next month we can gain insights on what true security really means for us. 
  •  You want to GET REAL? Then be READY TO DIE!

    Taurus is the second station in the heroes journey of the zodiac. Now it is time to bring those fiery impulses and driven ideas (that were initiated by Aries) DOWN TO EARTH. TIME TO BUILD something. It is now up to us to examine the SUBSTANCE of our many visions. Taurus energy stimulates manifestation (i.e. grounding) and financial flow. His POLARITY IS SCOPIO, the deep and dark emotional waters. Both principles need to merge to find a healthy balance. And Scorpio is all about control, about taboos, death and letting go. And Taurus, who tends to hold on to everything that gives him security, has to learn that death is an unenviable part of life. It is time that we take a closer look at our relationship with money, our bodies and sexuality and our tendencies, to hold on, when we actually need to let go (of control) and surrender.

    What we want to build, manifest ... needs to stand on SOLID GROUND! So what is it that grounds you and anchors you in your strength (so that you have patience and perseverance in order to be able to keep your plans in the long term?)? See yourself as an architect. You build your life, your house! How solid should it be? You can also consider yourself a tree. How well are you rooted?


    Brief astro fact on the edge: Many architects have their Sun in Taurus or at least highlighted taurus aspects (or planets in the 2nd house) in their natal chart. It's about building something. While the architects make sure that the basic substance of a house is sufficient, interior designers for example are often found in the zodiac sign of Cancer (nurturing mother archetype), who then ensure a cozy, familiar nest inside.

    What Taurus brings up in its shadow aspect can be stagnation. Resistance to change. You probably know the saying "bulls-headed". Yes, if there's one thing that the bull does not like, it is to let go of something that gives him security. Either on the outside, or his inner concepts, truths, whatever he has built his life on. So - a rooted tree is a rooted tree. There is - apparently - not much movement. Taurus loves its traditions and values. He identifies with it. However, if his values have been adopted from the outside - such as family or society - or never questioned, the detachment from it can be a bit tough. That is why we have the opportunity every year to review and/or let go of certain values and our needs for security. Where it ultimately always leads us is to ourselves. The only true value is our SELF VALUE and our SOIL on which everything else is based.

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  • SATURN squaring the SUN in TAURUS // April 21st

    On April 21, the sun's desire for implementation and manifestation meets Saturn, which awaits us with yet another lesson around authority (can we step up or do we give our power to others?) our sense of duty and responsibility. Time to break out! Where do we recognize obstacles within us and in the outside world that make it difficult for us to implement our projects? Can we find ways to remove or change these obstacles so that we can act?
  • NEW MOON in TAURUS // April 24th
    close to URANUS & being squared by SATURN

    Jupiter and Pluto are also in conjunction in Capricorn. This new moon is going to be a tough one. Uranus wants more freedom and fewer restrictions and rules, while Saturn insists on complying with the rules. In Taurus, as the symbol of security, it is about being rooted in the earth, it is important to stay grounded these days - Uranus, with its very restless energy, is going to challenge us in that. These days it's all about the possible, the feasible. If we succeed in building on what has proven to be successful and still incorporate the necessary innovations, then we can use this new moon to become more rooted and sustainable.

******** what to gain from this ********



  • What are your patterns and beliefs around money, resources and possessions? Is there stagnation? How can you bring back the flow? --> TIPP: Check out the amazing FB lives by Dara and Simon around scarcity & money to support you in your inquiry!
  • What exactly gives you the feeling of security and protection in life?
  • Look at your body, it's your most important resource. How are you treating it? What image and beliefs do you have of him/her ?
  • What gives you the feeling of deep, sensual fulfillment? What do you REALLY lust for? Through which sensory channel (eyes, ears, nose, taste or touch) can you get the most intense sensory impressions?
  • Can you accept yourself without any ifs and buts?

As you can see, in every season there are corresponding archetypes and thus time qualities, that drive our collective and personal development forward. I am looking forward to diving deeper into this!


I wish you an enjoyable time! If you have the opportunity to be in nature on a regular basis, or even do some gardening - this is the perfect time for it! For earth is our real solid ground and it is so important to connect with it.


Much love,