Tomorrow on November 22nd, the Sun changes from water-sign Scorpio to fire-sign Sagittarius. After these intense and transformative Scorpio energies, which confronted us with our shadow-issues on so many levels, we can now breathe easier and recognize the SENSE in the whole and grow from it. Advent starts soon, days are getting shorter until the winter solstice on December 21st. Astrologically speaking, it is the time when the light returns - inside and outside. It is time to go inward and face the important questions of our lives. Sagittarius is about knowledge and insights, which can lead to a deeper self-knowledge and awakening.


PURPOSE - WISDOM (gaining & sharing) - EXPANSION 💥

Sagittarius is a fire sign and has a lot of energy. he mostly uses his energy for his own growth and expansion. Sagittarius’ enormous urge to move, grow and expand may be manifested over the next month externally in TRAVEL, extreme SPORTS and other activities. We might also travel inwards, go ON A QUEST to find our inner truth and purpose by BUSTING ALL LIMITATIONS in our minds and thoughts. The shooter constantly wants to gain new experiences in order to learn and grow. He constantly wants to edicate himself and expand his horizon. He wants to learn a lot - especially through experiences, that he has experienced first hand. Therefore he finds himself sooner or later in the position of the scholar, in which he passes on his knowledge and wisdom. Perhaps now it is time to share our inner wisdom, to serve others.



In Sagittarius our thoughts, our intellect are expanded - we see "the bigger picture". Sagittarius does not like to go deep and analyse everything like scorpio does. Instead, the problems are intellectually thought through and quickly processed into a „making sense“-like solution. Sagittarius loves to look at everyhting from the eagle-eye perspective. His energy, the quality of WIDTH (Sagittarius), will now help us integrate what we've learned diving into the depths (Scorpio) over the last month. We can now integrade the lessons we've learned, give them meaning and break free of the limitating mindsets, we uncovered. We can learn to trust again. Trust that we are MORE, more than ever thought possible.



Be aware of Sagittarius' shadow. Yes, he is ruled by Jupiter - the planet of luck, expansion, optimism and growth. Everything is bigger, better, faster and wider with this archetype. If we haven't integrated the feeling of abundance, he's going to show us where we think and feel we LACK. Sagittarius can send us on a restless quest, trying to escape the feeling and thoughts, that we are never enough. That IT is never enough. That whatever we do, will be never enough. Take a close look at your limitating thoughts and beLIEfs. Cause truth is - you are always enough - growth is about reminding where you came from and who you are - an abundant, limitless, powerful being



👉The Sun in Sagittarius is going to be intensified by Jupiter - having just moved back into his port. Sun will conjunct Jupiter, as well as mercury retrograde. This implifies that an enourmous expansion of consiousness and enlightning insights can be taking place over the next weeks. We also might feel the need to break free from limitations of any kind more than ever - especially because we can really feel our limitless potential and realize our purpose and what has true meaning in our lives.

May your enthusiasm be ignited by the spark of Sagittarius


I'm really looking forward to this energy, it always blesses me with new perspectives, power, abundance, love, courage, insights and opportunities of growth every year


Have a nice time, dear ones! Be reminded of your light, abundance and limitless potential and enjoy the QUEST 💛

Love, Katharina