Beautiful souls The next full moon is already knocking at our doors – can you feel it?  On Friday Luna will be in Gemini and thus opposing the Sun in Sagittarius. Mars in Pisces squaring both, Sun and Moon, will add some passive-aggressive energy to the pot.

🌕 Moon in Gemini manifests itself by the need for changes and spontanity. As Gemini is all about thinking and communicating, it's time to talk about our feelings and sharing them with others. You can be more talkative and speak with ease these full moon days. Cause when Luna wears the costume of mind-active air sign Gemini, our inner emotional world (especially our needs) connects to our thoughts and ideas. Gemini is full of curiosity and joy of communication. So, we may have an increased need to express ourselves, indulge in our ideas, share them with others, learn about something new, read and expand our knowledge.


This time quality is refined or supplemented by the following noteworthy aspects:


💥 First of all the ruler of the Full Moon, MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS is RETROGRADE. This, at its best, makes us reflect. We try to find our inner truth. At its worst, Mercury’s placement in the Sign of Sagittarius makes us highly opinionated and judgmental. We might think that our truth is the only truth. 👉Every effort of communication is useful to be attempted with the objectivity and mind-flexibility, that Gemini has, being an air Sign.


💥 Jupiter is also conjunct to Mercury retrograde. The mind reels in its inward thinking process, contemplating so many things, and as it strives to assimilate everything into an objective truth, it can jump to OVERSTATEMENTS and EXAGGERATION. 👉Try to examine how realistic your emotions or judgements are. Stay open to see the other’s side with the wisdom of Sagittarius.


💥 MARS, the planet of action and energy, is making a T-SQUARE WITH SUN AND MOON. In addition to this, Mars is also SQUARE TO MERCURY and JUPITER. THIS IS INTENSE - Mars in Pisces squaring the Full Moon is intense emotional charge without a clear (pisces energy can be foggy and hard to grasp) outlet. When Mars is in the sign of Pisces (and does not channel its energy with creativity or compassion) it might express in a PASSIVE-AGRESSIVE way, even with non-action, preferring to let things to take their own course. It is LACK OF WILL AND INDECISIVENESS towards specific action. We can easily fall into victim, adopting the role of the martyr. This aspect may bring ANGER AND FRUSTRATION 🔥


GIVE THIS ANGER and FRUSTRATION A VOICE 🎤🔊 With Luna in Gemini, you might wanna talk about it finally. As Gemini is also CONNECTED TO THE THROAT CHAKRA 💜 screaming/shouting it out (when you're alone) can do the trick. I have been doing this for some days now and nothing is more liberating then give your anger a voice! They key to handling this energy is to release your frustrations in a self-responsible way, without getting personal and hurting other people.


👉While the upcoming full moon in gemini highlights our need to communicate, our very message is something that becomes really difficult to come through, while CLARITY of thought AND DIRECTION OF WILL IS LACKING (mars in pisces, mercury retrograde, mercury square neptune) so we might overestimate ourselves or say words that we’d better not. PUHH...Try to stay grounded, meditate and center yourself as good as possible, the essence of what needs to be released or communicated will reveil itself.



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Full moon blessings to you all, beautiful souls out there - I feel you, I see you, I am connected to you

much love, Katharina Löwenherz