Venus has been moving retrograde through libra and scorpio since October 5.On Friday, November 16th, Venus will station direct. Things will be moving forward with us hopefully having learned the lessons, the Goddess of Love gave us, while travelling backwards. When going direct, Venus will now activate the areas that it has undergone within its retrograde (libra & scorpio) a third and final time. We can see and integrate what we've experienced within the retrograde and the lessons we've learned from it. From now on, both our relationship life as well as our dealings with money and values can generally develop more constructively forward.


💫 MERCURY GOING RETROGRADE through Sagittarius/Scorpio till December 6th!


The very same day Venus goes direct, Mercury is turning retrograde. We all know the drill, but it’s frustrating nonetheless. While we may be ready to implement our grand Venusian plans,  we must now confront the limitations of a retrograde Mercury. That means that our communication and interaction with the outside world can lead to misunderstandings, gossip gone crazy, technology malfunctions, writer’s block, travelling problems (suitcases getting lost, etc.) - but only as long as we resist the gold dust, this lesson has to offer. Mercury retrograde always wants us to move more inwards, to reflect instead of act. To communicate with ourselfes and see what information our bodies and souls offer us, in order to grow.


BE AWARE ☝️ Mercury in Saggitarius is all about gaining insight, that ideally leads to self-knowledge. Scorpio may be about finding something hidden. Both aspects can (and should) be intensified in the phase of Mercury retrograde. Traditionally, you should avoid making important decisions, signing contracts or realizing larger purchases, because often we do not have all the information we need.

Retrogrades pull us backward, not down or out. It’s a slowdown, not a full halt. That’s key for you to know, because though it feels like we’re wading through quicksand, the real task of any planetary retrograde is to take the sector of life it represents and examine it closely. If something isn’t working, or if you haven’t been paying it enough attention, this is your moment to investigate and reflect on what you find. It’s your DUE DILLIGENCE on yourself, and even if it brings up some painful revelations, it tends to clear the path ahead. And that we could all use

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