November 15th - January 1st 🔥

On Thursday, Mars will change from air-sign Aquarius to water-sign Pisces. He will stay there till January 1st, where we’ll begin the year 2019 with mars in aries – a powerful force of action. But first let’s check out this mars in pisces transit!


🔥 Mars – the warrior and planet of action & willpower - does not really feel comfortable in this gentle, peace-loving pisces-energy. No wonder – our inner Mars is our active power. He is all about wanting, He’s our basic will to survive, he is life force. In his raw nature he can act and decide very impulsively. He is pure intent. He knows when it is necessary to act or to fight. He is pure fire. Therefore he’s the force that makes us do (or sometimes: „fight for“) what we’re passionate about. In pisces, this firey masculine force finds itself in a watery, receptive feminine (some might call it even etheric) energy. Which can potentially feel like our fire – and therefore our drive and motivation – are being extinguished. When in fact it is about going slow and trusting our guts and intuition, before we impulsively put things into action.


Pisces is all about spirituality, about trusting the divine, about understanding that „all is one“. It is about compassion, limitlessness, intuition, divine love, helping others (attention: often by sacrificing ourselves for it!) and being one with/serving source. Pisces can feel like coming home. It can also feel blurry and confusing, cause when all is one – especially feelings – we tend to feel everything! This is important to know, especially if you’re already very open and receptive to energies around you. Pisces opens us up, directs us to everything that we can't see or touch, but feel with our "sixth sense". Being this open, can also make you easily influenced by others energies and opinions. This can be overwhelming and you might need extra time to retreat yourself. But beware, it might be harder to get going and leave the cozy bed or couch during this time.


With pisces it can feel like there is nothing to hold on to, it‘s limitless space (which is why grounding is so important for pisces-people!) – Mars can lose himself in that, he loves to set clear intentions and goals. So - for some of us, this can be a frustrating state we have to get used to…a state that tests us for how much we actually trust and if we’re able to really SURRENDER and go with the flow – which is the key to stay open to this divine energies AND keep our connection to solid ground mother earth.


💫 Now – how do we bring these two forces together? Whats the lesson in all of it?

First of all, this transit can be very healing, if we use it to actively live/connect to our spiritual nature on a regular basis. For this period of time, doing daily spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, trance dance etc. are highly recommended. The more we connect to the divine ocean and it’s drops (namely our souls), the more we can consciously do what serves not just us and our egos but the collective evolution in general.


💛 Time to learn and to sacrifice our egos for the greater good. Btw… with „sacrificing ego“ I don’t mean our healthy „I AM“, self confidence and self love, which is needed in this dimension. It is more about the fear our egos hold, that keep us separated and small…these have to die in order for us all to grow and heal as a collective.


What else is there to say...well Mars is more gentle in pisces ("soft water breaks the stone"). Men can also discover their sensitive and soft sides during this time, a beautiful and healing energy. So – beloved brothers and sisters – I wish you all a wonderful time to connect during these special times and with christmas and the holy nights around the corner.


👉Love, if you want to know how this transit is going to affect you personally in your life right now, please send me a Mail and I will get back to you shortly <3


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So much love,
Katharina Löwenherz