JUPITER moves into SAGITTARIUS: Let's go on a quest!

 IT's GETTING LIGHTER, GUYS 👏 Today on november 8th, Jupiter – Planet of expansion and growth - will move into Saggitarius, after being in Scorpio since October 2017. Jupiter takes almost twelve years to orbit around the Sun, he stays in each zodiac sign for about a year.


Jupiter belongs to Saggitarius, so this year he wanders through his "own" sign, which gives him great power. Jupiter is the largest of the planets in our solar system, therefore his energy has to do with EXPANSION, GROWTH, ABUNDANCE, GENEROSITY, INFINATE POTENTIAL... It’s all about the bigger picture!



Over the last year we’ve expercienced Jupiter in Scorpio. Expansion and Growth - both personally and collectively - happened expecially through shadowwork, breaking taboos and facing trauma, beLIEfs and suppressed emotions around sexuality, relationsihps and money. And my gosh – what an intense learning process it was!! We went deep down into our dephts. In Scorpio, Jupiter went through the underworld and now, going into Saggitarius, it is TIME FOR US TO RISE AND GROW AF! Yass!



In a year with Jupiter in Saggitarius, we humans will increasingly be looking for the meaning of our existence here on earth. Jupiter wants to find purpose, meaning and sense in everything – therefore you will experience the NEED TO GO ON A QUEST. This might be a time where you want to TRAVEL AND EXPERIENCE NEW things more than ever. It might feel like you won't be able to get ENOUGH of it (attention - this is jupiters shadow...), as if your inner "adrenaline or adventure junkie" will be activated. But this is needed to grow...for that, you have to LEAVE YOUR COMFORTZONE! And having the courage to do so - feels fucking great!!! We might not only widen our comfortzones, we might also get rid of inner and outer barriers and limitations once and for all, if we are ready to do so - personally and collectively.



On our quest to find purpose, meaning and ourselves, we might tend to look outside. Which is not bad at all, we just have to learn that all that comes from outside, is nothing but a reminder of our abundance inside. Saggitarius has to do with WISDOM...he is the teacher (sharing his knowledge and wisdom through his experiences) and the student (sucking up all there is to learn) - truth is, THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME. So with Jupiter in Sagg we might reconnect with one or the other...or both. Having a teacher, coach, guru might awaken our own inner wisdom and remind us of our capacity to know and decide what is best for ourselves.



Jupiter activates potential to broaden your horizons, our inner trugh and growth seeker. We will be in the mood to expand our borders and are prepared to accept bigger journeys - inside and out. In the best sense Jupiter in Sagg stands for justice, generosity and high virtues. But be aware - the ego will fight back to survive - it takes time to break patterns, especially as a collective! So the shadow of Jupiter is to be considered! Here it can come to intemperance, exaggeration, injustice, intolerance and know-it-alls. It is important to sharpen our sense of inner and outer justice and to learn to practice tolerance (accepting other truths, cultures, religions, sexualities, life styles...) and generosity.

To sum it up - with jupiter in sagg, the next year will become an adventure and a huge boost in our personal and collective development. Jupiter is also considered the planet of luck and optimism - where we felt inTENSE over the last months - things will start to lighten up (this depends of course also on your chart).


👉If you want to know how this transit will affect you personally, please send me a Mail and I will get back to you <3


So much love,