Guys this intensity is crazyyyy ūüĒ•

Tomorrow one of the most profound new moons of the year awaits us, marking the peak of the Sam Hain Portal Days.

New moon is always a time of introspection. If Luna stands in Scorpio, she leads us down into the depths of our soul. We get the opportunity to transform old fears and shadows. However, it is necessary that we are ready to look there at all. Resistance might be huge these days. However, this event will pull us out of our comfort zones no matter what! No other archetype is so radical at making things conscious. The scorpion is putting a finger in our wounds...those that we neglect and run away from. It's the truthseeker, the explorer of the underworld. This process will hurt, but the pain is nothing compared to the agony we feel, if we continue to turn a blind eye.

Scorpio is all about death and resurrection - profound, passionate, eccentric. It's not the gentlest sign when it comes to making us aware of the most unpleasant qualities and truths about ourselves...those we just do not want to see. Especially when it comes to issues with power/powerlessness, dependencies, money, relationships and sexuality. But it is also the most healing, for it holds space not only for the process of (ego-)dying but the process of (re)birth as well - by letting the light in. For that we have to open up.

This new moon sends out an invitation to you, to set your shadows, fears, self-lies free. By feeling (Luna is all about emotions) what is and finally release suppressed pain.

If you do not do so voluntarily, the revealing and transforming scorpio-energy can cause you to end up in situations that so clearly provide you with an oversized mirror. Be aware and observe! Our shadows might dance right under our noses - within ourselves and mirrored by others. We can be so attached to our ego-comfort zone, that we do not (want to) notice these patterns.

This new moon taunts you tremendously until you see clearly. So give up shadow boxing and surrender. Dare and look into your depths and set yourself free ‚ú®


Let this new moon cleanse you...rise like a phoenix, beautiful soul, rise in love! Blessed be <3