Intense reflection!

Sun and Luna are now merging in the sign of Libra. Luna is also being squared by Pluto, while Venus - ruler of Libra - is going retrograde through Scorpio right now. Time for shadow work!

Venus retrograde happens about every 1 1/2 years for about 6 weeks. Time for inner reflection! Everything that is not in balance and harmony (within ourselves and our friend- and relationships) will now rise to the surface. It can get very bumpy. Shadows and conflicts may come out clearly and it is time to face them.

Lilith, close to the south node of the moon, also wants to show us wounds of our past. Everything wants to come to light. We can no longer repress, no longer deny our needs. Often we are trying to balance the lack of harmony in our lives with a functioning love life. Our demands on relationships are accordingly high, after all, they must replace anything that we otherwise lack. At least this is how we’ve learned to relate.

This new moon is here so we can become conscious about these patterns. For that we have to meet our own inner shadow. And if we then are able to acknowledge the other as a MIRROR we can own our wounds and take responsibility for their healing.

Let's reflect together, transparently. Are we happy with our lives and our relationships? Time to take good care of ourselves. If we are at peace with ourselves and live a balanced life, we do not need the relationship to value ourselves - love just becomes a wonderful gift. This is the true lesson of libra. AND - that true harmony integrates conflict, otherwise we will never reach balance. So if youre still swallowing instead of expressing (in order to keep up th harmonious facade) your feelings, this new moon can open a window for you to finally speak up.

Take advantage of this new moon to also reflect about your past (relationships)- is there any unfinished (emotional) business? Something that has not been said, expressed or released? Let’s dive into that 👏🏻

It is also advisable not to jump BLINDLY into a new love adventure right now. Take your time until Venus goes direct again in the middle of November.

New moon opens a portal to set intentions for this next cycle. Let's use this quality to come to PEACE and to rise back in love with ourselves. Libra is the PEACEMAKER.
Much love and a wonderful new moon to you all 🌙 love, Kat