Venus goes retrograde: October 5th 2018

Venus goes retrograde - OCT 5th đź’«

Venus stands for love, relationships, harmony, values and balance. All that is being reviewed when she goes retrograde from oct. 5th to nov. 17th. Venus is still in Scorpio, but will enter Libra on nov. 11th again during her retrograde phase.

If a planet is in Scorpio, it’s always kind of a journey into the underworld. The intensity and transforming energy of Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) forces us to face our shadows, especially when it comes to sexuality and relationships. Time to explore our suppressed feelings and to look at our most unloved parts. If we are ready to face and feel whatever may rise, we’re going to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and our partners – which can be super healing. Especially if we share transparently and dare to show our vulnerability – which is the actual lesson!

A propos transparency - secrets and taboos now have a strong appeal (everything suppressed and being held secret can be revealed in times like these!) So, in business and politics, ugly secrets could come to light.

The next month is going to be a time for “in-to-me-I-see” (intimacy). Are our values and true nature actually reflected in our relationships? A time to question that and our behaviors and patterns. Venus symbolizes that power in us that seeks harmony. And we tend to look outside for it. Be it through relationships, love for another person or through creative engagement with the aesthetic and the beautiful. But she also stands for self-esteem and confronts us with how we are actually treating ourselves. Do I love and value myself? What patterns did I adopt around marriage, love, friendship and money through my parents or society? Are there any old beliefs that need to die?

Wush…🔥 times have been intense already, and another rollercoaster awaits us. This year strips us down to our very core I feel…to our true essence. It is a painful yet liberating process, that is guiding us even more towards love and truth <3 brothers and sisters, I am sending you love and wish you all a healing process <3

If you wanna know how this transit affects your chart or fancy a personal reading, just send me a PM and I’ll get in touch with you <3 love, Katharina Löwenherz