Welcome, divine being!

Have you reached that certain point of no return in your life, where hiding and suppressing your truth and magnificence creates more pain, than the fear of showing up in your vulnerability? Does reaching that point even bring up some anger for you? Awesome! That's a sign that you are ready to break out... and step up. Big time!


embody your power and set yourself free


Hi, I’m Katharina.⁠ I’m a new earth astrologer, medium, mentor, work- / playshop facilitator, musician and writer. I'm committed to the path of remembrance. When we learn to listen deeply, we start to re-member. We acknowledge our truth and re-integrate it as a "member" of our being. It is my calling to create spaces for deep remembrance. It is what is most needed, in order for us to awaken what slumbers in the depths of our beings to finally be expressed. 


I work with divine beings, that understand the importance of serving earth by weaving ancient with the future. It gives me goosebumps & makes me feel humble to serve and witness your innate wisdom and epicness unfolding - cause EARTH is waiting for you. 

Courage starts with showing up and letting yourself be seen."

- Brené Brown


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